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Best kashmir kashwa tea

Rose petals enhance the fragrance of the tea and soothe your mind. It not only takes care of your happiness but your health as well. Rose is rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants

I tasted this flavour tea for the first time and it’s really good. The taste and smell is nice and you can even drink it as a cold juice. This is the perfect replacement for green tea. Go for it.

Good flavoured tea

Have bought tea from here thrice and they make really good flavoured teas. Seeing the options you might think the teas here are too expensive, but once you taste it you’ll feel it’s worth it. I loved their chamomile tea. A must drink tea to get de-stressed.

This tea has a mild taste and a calming effect, perfect before bed to help you sleep better. Go for it.

Immunity booster

I love this pack. It definitely is not something everyone would like initially. I personally loved it especially the Ashwagandha Mint Flavor. i never had this flavor of tea that's why I ordered it and this was way too good.