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Black Tea

Intense, aromatic, and incredibly flavourful, black tea can be consumed hot or cold. The ingredients of black tea are the leaves of a bush named Camellia sinensis var. assamica in India. The leaves are oxidized, which means they are exposed to oxygen-rich, moist air. This gives the leaves a dark or black color. While the tea makers can control the amount of oxidation, they prefer oxidizing it completely for a powerful taste.

Why Black Tea?

Black tea consists of caffeine, anti-oxidants, and other stimulants. It is known to have multiple herbal benefits as well, which is why it is commonly used as a herbal supplement. There is some evidence that black tea reduces risk factors for chronic diseases such as diabetes, cholesterol, and heart disease.

Why ChitChatChai?

Variety is at the heart of indulgence in our teas. The craft of combining this elixir with other drinks and ingredient, leads you to a healthy & Progressive Drinking lifestyle. Every element is nature-sourced with Zero artificial substances across multiple touch points. Nature is the source of our inspiration and passion, we are constantly making conscious sustainability decisions across our ecosystem.