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Behind-the-scenes look at, how organic green tea is made?

Green tea that’s truly organic and pesticide-free can be hard to find, but it can also make all the difference when it comes to your health and wellness goals. However, knowing how green teas are made from start to finish can help you know what to look for in an organic brand and why you should care about the journey of your green tea leaves before they get into your teacup. Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about how organic green tea is made!

Cultivation and Harvesting

he first step in making organic green tea is cultivating and harvesting the leaves. This process begins in the spring when the leaves are plucked by hand. The leaves are then sorted by quality and type. The best leaves are set aside to be used for leaf green tea, while the lower quality leaves will go to the trash.

Steaming and Shaping

The next step in making green tea is to heat the leaves to stop oxidation. This process is called steaming, and it helps preserve the color and flavor of the leaves. After steaming, the leaves are rolled and shaped into small pellets. The rolling process breaks down the cell walls of the leaves, releasing their flavor.

The Process of Oxidation

When green tea leaves are plucked, they begin to oxidize immediately. This is because the cells in the leaves are broken, exposing them to oxygen in the air. The longer the leaves are exposed to oxygen, the darker they will become.

The Final Touch – Drying

After the leaves have been sorted and withered, they are ready for drying. This is done in one of two ways: by air or by heat. Air-drying is the traditional method and takes place in large rooms with good ventilation. The leaves are spread out on racks, where they will slowly dry over the course of several days. Heat-drying, on the other hand, is a newer method that uses warm air to speed up the drying process.


With its many health benefits and antioxidant properties, organic green tea (Camellia sinensis) has become popular in the world in recent years, especially as an ingredient in weight loss and detox teas. When it comes to green tea, fresh is best. When you are looking for high-quality green tea, you should keep a few things in mind. First, the best-tasting green tea will feel and taste smooth, bright and refreshing. Second, it should be a vibrant green color. Third, the leaves should be whole and intact. Fourth, the tea should be free of any bitter or astringent flavors. Finally, it should have a pleasant aroma. And now, it’s time to make a knowledgeable purchase on Indian green tea brands.

TEA / June 24, 2022

Green Tea Shopping Tips You Can’t Afford to Miss

While it may be sold in the beverage aisle of most grocery stores, green tea isn’t exactly like the tea you’re used to drinking. It can be made from any number of plants that belong to the Camellia sinensis species, but not all of them are created equal. With so many types on the market, it’s hard to know which ones you should and shouldn’t buy. To help you navigate this tricky terrain, here are some tips you need to hear before purchasing green tea online of any kind.

The Best Green Tea Isn’t Cheap

You’ve probably heard that the best things in life are free, but when it comes to green tea, that old adage simply doesn’t hold true. In fact, the best green tea price can be quite pricey. But don’t let that dissuade you from giving this healthy beverage a try. You’ll be sure to find a green tea that suits your taste and budget.

Verify the Source Of Your Green Tea

If you’re looking for high-quality green tea, it’s important to verify the source of your tea leaves. The best green tea comes from Asia. When purchasing green tea, look for leaves that are a deep green color and have a slightly astringent taste. Avoid teas that have been sitting on shelves for long periods of time, as they will have lost their flavor. Finally, be sure to purchase from a reputable source in order to get the best quality tea possible

The Best Green Tea Is Green in color

When you’re shopping for green tea, the most important thing to look for is the color. The best green teas are vibrant and green in color, with no brown or yellow hues. This is an indication of a high-quality tea that has been properly processed.

Purchase Just Whole-Leaf Green Tea

When it comes to green tea, you want to make sure you’re getting the best possible product. That means purchasing whole-leaf green tea instead of green tea that has been processed and had its leaves broken up.

Conventional Green Tea Bags Are Not Best In Quality

If you’re looking for the highest quality green tea, you’ll want to avoid conventional green tea bags. While they may be convenient, they’re not going to give you the best flavor or health benefits. Instead, opt for loose leaf tea or Pyramid tea sachets. These options will allow the leaves to fully expand and release their flavor and nutrients, giving you a much better cup of tea.

Quality Tea Will Have a Distinct Aroma

When you open a high-quality can of green tea, you should be able to immediately smell the difference. The leaves should be a deep green color, and the tea should have a fresh, grassy smell. If the leaves are yellow or brown, or if the tea has an off-putting smell, it’s likely not high quality.

The Best-Tasting Green Tea Will Feel And Taste Smooth, Bright And Refreshing

If you’re looking for a great-tasting green tea like Moroccan Mint Tea, look for one that’s smooth, bright and refreshing. Avoid teas that are bitter, astringent or have off-flavors. The best green teas are usually made from young leaves and buds, so be sure to check the label before you buy. When it comes to choosing green tea, quality is more important than quantity. So be sure to buy from a reputable source and pay attention to the price per ounce.


When it comes to green tea, quality matters just as much as quantity. Be sure to purchase from a reputable source and avoid teas that have been sitting on shelves for long periods of time. Pay attention to the color, aroma, and taste of the tea leaves to ensure you’re getting a high-quality product. And finally, don’t be afraid to experiment until you find a green tea that you love!

TEA / June 24, 2022

Brewing Up the Perfect Drink: Green Coffee or Green Tea?

The coffee lover’s dilemma of choosing between green coffee and Chitchatchai green tea has been weighing on you lately, right? Don’t worry; you’re not alone in your conundrum! You probably know the health benefits of both drinks, but which one do you prefer? The answer may not be as obvious as you think! In this article, we’ll look at both beverages individually and then compare them to each other to help you make the perfect choice!

The Health Benefits of Green Tea

Chitchatchai’s ashwagandha green tea is often touted as one of the healthiest beverages on the planet.

Did you know?
  • Green tea reduces body fat and increases levels of HDL (good) cholesterol.
  • The polyphenols found in green tea can lower your risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. And when combined with regular exercise, green tea can also be an effective weight loss aid.
  • According to studies, green tea drinkers have a 31% lower risk of dying from cardiovascular disease.
  • Apparently, people with a risk of diabetes, have a 42% lower risk of diabetes type 2, if they drink 3 cups of green tea or more per day.
  • The catechins in green tea are thought to inhibit oral bacteria responsible for tooth decay.
  • For brain health, green tea might be an effective agent in fighting against degenerative brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. As it turns out, two servings of green tea every day will cut your risk of developing dementia by 11%.
  • Green tea drinkers had a 20-30% lower incidence of breast cancer.
  • Drinking green tea reduced the risk of colorectal cancer by 42%.
  • Green tea extracts increased calorie burn by 4%.

The Healthy Benefits of Green Coffee

If you’re looking for a healthy way to start your day, you can’t go wrong with green coffee.

Did you know?
  • Recent studies say similar to its cousin green tea, the green coffee extract is an effective way to increase your metabolism and shed excess weight.
  • As like green tea, green coffee has a number of antioxidants that help reduce inflammation and lower your risk of cancer.
  • It is a good source of chlorogenic acid. This compound helps to improve glucose tolerance, making it easier for your body to use sugar as energy and potentially lowering your risk of developing diabetes.
  • Drinking green coffee on a daily basis can keep your blood pressure low.

Which is better for Weight loss – Green Tea or Green Coffee?

If you’re looking to cut down on calories, green tea for weight loss is a great choice. It’s lower in caffeine than coffee, and it’s also thermogenic, meaning it helps you burn more calories. However, if you’re looking to boost your metabolism, green coffee may be a better option. It contains chlorogenic acid, which has been shown to increase metabolism and help burn fat.

While both beverages have health benefits, there are clear differences between them. Before deciding which drink is best for you, consider how much weight you want to lose (green tea can help with this), how many cups of coffee or tea you drink each day, and whether or not you need an extra boost of energy in the morning (both drinks are perfect).

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